20 years making websites, we've come to learn a thing or two...

  • we don't make a website for YOU, our client - we make it for YOUR client
  • your website isn't all about you - it should explain how you HELP your visitor solve THEIR problem
  • a website isn't a stand alone piece of content - it is the central hub to ALL your other marketing
  • a website shouldn't COST you money - it should MAKE you money
  • build it and they'll come? No! - PROMOTE it and they'll come

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Our not for profit organisation has been working  with Invisible Ink for many years and we have witnessed and benefitted from their development and expansion into a highly skilled, creative and dedicated web and digital marketing enterprise. One of the most valuable qualities of the Invisible Ink team is their willingness to go the extra mile in delivering the best outcome for their client. This, together with their  pride in their work and their desire to give their best, makes them a stand out company!

Monica Brown
Director, Emmaus Productions