Business Stationery

Business Cards

Affordable and very necessary! We suggest using a nice thick stock and use a matt covering. This type of card is very popular.

Many other options are available for you to select from.

Cards size can also be customisable – as long as they are within the measurements of 90mm x 55mm; this can be done for the standard price.


Business typically print:

  • letterhead
  • follower
  • with compliments slips
  • DL envelopes
  • C4 envelopes

Flyers and Booklets

Flyers: Single page flyers can be produced an many page sizes; from a small A6 through to A3 and even larger.

Booklets: Multiple page booklets can either be the fold out variety, or bound (stapled or glued) turning page books.

Recycled Paper

Invisible Ink is able to print on 100% and 80% recycled paper. There is recycled paper suitable for stationery as well as glossy flyers.

Additionally, printing on recycled paper saves more than trees! Printing on recycled paper saves a lot of water and limits carbon producing electricity.