Investing in Social Media Branding

As much as we are told that Social Media is the way to go with investing our time and money into, brand advertising, and self-promotion it doesn’t necessarily mean that the investment is yours completely. Don’t get me wrong, I’m … Read More

3 Months Free

Social Marketing + Social Training Welcome! Thanks for engaging on Social Media Business is often a hard slog – and during these “unprecedented” times it is especially so. Our business too has been effected by uncertainty across the business community. Rather … Read More

Defamation and Online Reviews

In the age of Social Media is it much easier to have your opinion heard on, well.. pretty much anything. But can someone’s opinion be illegal if what they are claiming is, in fact, untrue? What recourse to small businesses … Read More

Harmony Day 2019

With the complete horrors happening all over the world at the moment, I thought it was prudent to talk about how important today actually is. This entire week, Australia celebrates Harmony Week, and today it comes to a head. Today is Harmony … Read More

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