At Invisible Ink we understand the importance of creating and developing a highly ‘visible’ and memorable brand for your business.

As the people who turn your marketing plan into the items your customers see, our design team will create a brand identity to bring your brand to life and create a point of difference for you in the marketplace! We work with you to ensure that your brand is presented consistently in all your online and offline marketing communications.

Design services include:

  • New logo development or logo re-design
  • Integration of branding and logo design into the web presence
  • Graphic design & business signage
  • Development of a style guide

Why is a brand important to you?

  • Builds a corporate image by associating attributes of your business such as quality, product range, knowledge, customer service to the minds of your target audience
  • Provides the opportunity to command a premium by creating a ‘value positioning’ in the minds of your target audience
  • Gives you a point of difference in the market place

Why is a brand important to your customers?

  • Establishes a perceptions of value and quality
  • People feel comfortable with what they know and trust
  • If consumers are confident with your brand there is no need for them to ‘shop around’