Will Google’s Changes Effect your Website?

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This is an FYI Post, to catch you up! As from July 2018, your website could be negatively affected in the Chrome browser and Google Search results if you do not display your website as “HTTPS” rather than the old standard of “HTTP”.   Thankfully it’s not a hard fix, however it can take some time for the update to be picked up by Google. Your Web people (hopefully us!) can initiate this change for you. But let’s talk about … Read More

mobilegeddon – is it real?

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In short – “yes”! From April 21st 2015 Google will change the way search results are displayed on mobile devices. Websites that are “Mobile-friendly” will be rewarded and those not will be penalised. More to come…

Build it and they will come…?

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Not any more. With more webpage out there than people on the planet, it’s near impossible to be found without some sort of promotion. You’ve probably heard of things like Adwords, blogging and search engine optimisation. These are all very important – but most importantly they must be done right. We do this web’n’google stuff all day everyday – so we’re pretty good at it now. Give us a try!